We expect puppies - and some more news... 05.03.17

Hopefully our I-litter is on their way! Fidji "Embla" is mated to the wonderful male NVch Nuch Heierås Killer. We expect puppies in april. 

Killer_Embla (2)

There are also other updates on the web site. The "litter-page" is updated with new information I have received from the owners of the dogs.

A lot of dogs from our breeding has had a great 2016:
- Best show tervueren of the year: Nuch Nord JV-14 LP1 HWT IHT1 Izgara's Frost
- Belgian of the year, obedience class 1: LP1 Izgara's Giant Chubby
- Belgian of the year, obedience class 2: LP1 LP2 Izgara's Ginnie
- Belgian of the year, rally obedience class 1: RL1 Izgara's Dreaming Mitcha
- Belgian of the year, search class D: N Se Lch Nuch Izgara's Eikki
- Belgian of the year, agility jumping class 1:Ag1 AgH1 Lp1 LP2 Izgara's Fidji
- Belgian of the year, agility class 1: Ag1 AgH1 LP1 LP2 Izgara's Fidji

Thank you to the owners for making this possible!

The puppies in the H-litter is now 7 months old.  They are growing and I will create a site for that litter as soon as I have more time. The feedback from the owners are only positive. I look forward to the future with them. 

We got a new show champion today. Hugh congrats to the owner Geir and Lise Brandzæg with the young female "Nuch LP1 LP2 Izgara's Ginnie" winning Best female and Best Opposite Sex at Norsk Miniatyrhundklubbs utstilling at Letohallen today. The judge was Myriam Vermeire. 

We have puppies - born 20.07.16

Today our H-litter is born! 2 females and 3 males out of Hexen House Crohn and Van de Pillendijk Ilja. 
More info -click here


Ed brukshundklubb, Sweeden 16.07.16


Hugh congratulations to Geir Brandtzæg and Nuch Nlch Izgara's Eikki with a new title: 
Sweedish Obedience Champion. Today they won the competition with 267,5 points - 1. price and the new title. We are so happy!!


Vålerbanen 09. og 10.07.16

Nuch NordJv-14 LP1 Izgara's Frost: Best of Breed both days!
Congratulations Rita and Linda. Thank you for bringing him to the show! 
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NKK Trondheim 02.07.16

Yes, we have a NEW CHAMPION!! Hugh congratulations to Betina Hellevangsdal, Roger Abrahamsen and handler Marita Kristoffersen with the results today! Izgara's Cantona (Ville x Kifa) got CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed at the International show in Trondheim today and is now a champion. The same team also got CC, res.cacib and male on Nuch Izgara's Evo (Ruffy x Ilja). Thank you girls for bringing the dogs to the show!
13620239_10154530011491992_6630157914868519641_n 13620254_10154530011541992_986579832160491014_n 13641236_10208725455407061_8336213030494581561_o 13653024_10208725454207031_6876656527004520733_o

Løten 25. og 26.06.16

Må nok en gang gratulere og takke våre flinke valpekjøpere som trener og konkurrerer med hundene. Nok en LP-tittel er i boks, denne gangen LP1 på Izgara's Cina med Linda Kristin Bolstad som fører. Ikke verst å få frem to hunder til tittelen på bare noen uker, Linda! Også et stort grattis til Nuch Izgara's Yanah og Rita Kristiansen som har debutert i lydighet i helgen. Jeg vet at du selv aldri trodde du noen gang ville starte Rita, så dette er en bragd. Og med 9 i helhet for to dommere ser jo fremtiden lys ut. Grattis jenter!
13533024_10154200151145126_2035650932944787254_n 13782262_10154329621317090_3204713740642427305_n

Aurskog 18.06.16

In 1 month Linda and Frost have entered 3 obedience trails and gotten 3 first prices.
Today they got the last one as well as 3 place of 12 dogs entered.
That means Frost has earned his first obedience title LP1 (obedience class 1).

So when NKK confirms his new pedigree name will be:

NORDJV-14 N UCH LP1 Izgara's Frost❤️❤️❤️

13466376_10153560114541022_1383933902519193342_n 13494818_10153560114396022_2142936705826077385_n



Today Izgara's Giant Chubby and Carol got 1. price in obedience class 1.
Congratulations :)

13442303_10153536871581044_7767604071683697699_n 13450837_10154176397955126_8881307808523560955_n

Horten 07.05.16

Carol and Izgara's Dreaming Mitcha has had a really nice debut in rally obedience!! 2. place and 199/200 points. Well done girls:)


Hønefoss 03.05.16

Nuch Nlch Izgara's Eikki and Geir Brandtzæg won searching class D with the fantastic 631,5 points (out of 650)! We are so impressed:) 

13124723_10154065151660126_4342033877082639196_n 13124736_10154065151665126_2760535580546837861_n

Dokka 01.05.16

Congratulations to Rita and Nuch Izgara's Daphne with great results in novice class, obedience!
They got 178 points out of 180!!

13102742_10153469542006022_4533496383958362153_n 13103298_10153469541986022_4025144705606535323_n

Arendal 23.04.16

LP1 LP2 AgH1 Izgara's Fidji and Synøve Johansen was nr 3 out of 50 competitors in agility class 1. 


Letohallen 23. - 24.04.16

NordJv-14 Nuch Izgara's Frost Best of Breed both days!! Congrats Linda and Rita!!


Sarpsborg 09.04.16

Obedience class 1: Izgara's Ginnie and Lise Brandtzæg 170,5 points and nr. 7 out of 29. 
Obedience class 2: Izgara's Fidji and Synøve Johansen nr 2!


Letohallen, 27.03.16

Hugh congratulations to the owner of the dogs winning BOB and BOS: 

Best of Breed: NordJw-14 Nuch Izgara's Frost
Best opposite Sex:  AgH 1 Lp 1 Izgara's Fidji


NKK Kristiansand 19-20.03.16

Our young girl - Izgara's Ginnie - was Best of Breed with CAC. 

The female Cacib went to  AgH 1 Lp 1 Izgara's Fidji

M59A3126 (3)

Agility Jumping nr.7: AgH 1 Lp 1 Izgara's Fidji
Obedience class 2: Nr.1:  AgH 1 Lp 1 Izgara's Fidji


NKK Bø 20.02.2016

Synøve and Izgara's Fidji "Embla" was nr.2 in agility class 1 and nr. 2 in Jumping class 1 - congratulations girls!!


In the showring we had six dogs entered:
Izgara's Giant Chubby: Exc, best junior male
Izgara's Goblex: Exc, 2. best junor male
Izgara's Extraordinary: Exc
Izgara's Eikki: Exc, CC, 3. best male
Izgara's Ginnie: Exc, CC, best junior female, res. CAC, 3. best female
Izgara's Dreaming Mitcha: VG
Izgara's Fidji: Not presented (agility;))

Thanks to all of the owners for bringing the dogs :)

Moelven - 07.02.2016

Hugh congraulations to Synøve Johannessen og Embla (Izgara's Fidji) who was placed as number 3 of more than 60 competitors i AG Jumping class 1 today! Well done, girls!


Top tervueren male in Norway - 2015

Proud breeder! Top tervueren male in Norway 2015: NordJv-14 Nuch Izgara's Frost (Luavjan's Big Sand Kahuna x Izgara's Cina). Hugh congratulations to owner Linda and handler Rita! Nuch Izgara's Eikki (Izgara's Borneo x Van de Pillendijk Ilja) 4. best male 2015! We are so proud of the young boys


Obedience dog of the year 2015 - Norwegian breed club

We are so proud of the young boy Izgara's Eikki who are the winner of the title "Most winning belgians in elite class obedience 2015". During 2015 he has gained 1 price in elite class 6 times, only 2,5 years old. Hugh congratulations to his owner and trainer Geir Brandtzæg. Well done!


In obedience class 1 Ex and Marie Torsnes was nr 2 and Cina og Linda Kristin Bolstad nr 4. Congratulations to you all!

Letohallen, 28.desember - 2015

We have two new champions!!
Izgara's Evo got CAC and was BOB and his mother Van de Pillendijk got CAC and was BOS. 


est in Show Progeny group -Nuch Van de Pillendijk Ilja: 
Ilja, Ellie, Evo, Eikki and Extraordinary

est in Show Breeders Group: 
Ginnie, Eikki, Evo and Giant Chubby